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Pre and Post Phakic ICL Surgery

11 September, 2023

The PHAKIC ICL is a surgical adjustment of refractive error using a highly safe lens tailored to each eye’s parameters, directly implanted behind the iris and in front of the lens. This method provides high-definition images without eroding or changing the cornea shape.

Phakic ICL has an adjustment threshold of up to 18 diopter myopia or ten diopter hyperopia accompanied by six diopter astigmatism ICL lens and can correct up to 30 diopter of prejudice, 14 diopter of hyperopia with ten diopter of astigmatism.      

Phakic has several advantages: the intraocular lens is entirely removable, does not cause dry eyes, and provides sharp, high-definition vision. The ICL lens has built-in UV protection. 

For safe surgery and maximum effectiveness, Prima Medical Center Saigon suggests the following requirements that patients need to follow before, during, and after Phakic surgery:

On the day of the Phakic surgery

Notes about clothing: 

  • Please wear quickly removable footwear as the patient changes into surgical slippers and wears them into the operating room before the surgery.

Notes about makeup: 

  • Do not use makeup and cosmetics on the day of the surgery
  • DO NOT use foundation, sunscreen, curling lashes and lipstick 
  • DO NOT use makeup remover and Eye cream
  • NO hairdo or perfume 
  • Prohibited items in the operating room: 

According to the regulations of the operating room, please do not bring items from outside, especially mobile phones and food.

Daily Activities: 

  • Continue using your prescription drugs

Notes on contact lenses: 

  • Soft contact lenses: Stop using them at least two weeks before the test and surgery 

When you arrive at the hospital:

  • Please do not bring children with you on the day of surgery.

Post-Phakic Operative Notes: 

Daily routines: 

Please refer to the following table: 

Eye cleaning and protection

  • Wear sunglasses or protective glasses to protect the eyes in a smokey or dusty environment.
  • After returning home, the patient may use cooled boiled water and clean cotton gauze or face towels to clean the eyes.
  • Avoid any water that could contact your eye three days after the surgery. 


  • After two days of surgery, patients can exercise lightly
  • Immediately after surgery, patients must not drive vehicles (e.g., bikes, motorbikes, or cars) because complete vision has not been restored


  • The day after surgery, the patient can work generally with a computer and mobile phone. However, please do not do any heavy work. 
  • Use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should try to look away at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.

Use protective glasses 

  • Please wear protective glasses when sleeping for 3 to 6 days after surgery to protect the eyes from rubbing during sleep.
  •  The patient’s sunglasses or the hospital’s protective glasses can be used when leaving the hospital.

Regarding eye medications

  • Before using eye drops, wash your hands thoroughly with soap;
  • Wipe the eyes slowly and gently with a clean gauze pad;
  • Do not let the tip of the eye dropper touch the eyes or eyelashes;
  • Do not use eye drops continuously. In other words, wait for a five-minute interval between applications of eye medication;
  • Use an absorbent cloth or Kleenex tissue for extra drops that do not enter the eye.
  • Even if medication is left in the bottle for the first month after surgery, do not use it if it has been opened for more than twenty (20) days after surgery. Please discard it.
  • For the second month after surgery, use eye medication from the same bottle until one month old. Then, please discard it.

Periodic Phakic examination

Postoperative schedule: 1 week, 1-3-6-12 months, which are part of the proper eye care procedures that the patient must observe after the eye surgery so that an accurate visual finding will be derived, enabling the eye specialist to give the final eye analysis

Our Lasik & Refractive and Phakic ICL Care Team:

If you need an refractive assessment for a proper surgical method, please have a visit to Prima Medical Center Saigon:

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  • Website: https://primahealth.vn/en/
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