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Astonishing facts about Glaucoma

9 August, 2023

Glaucoma - Cườm nước
Glaucoma – Cườm nước

Glaucoma is also known as glaucoma. It is a condition in which the nerve fiber layer of the eye is damaged and reduced in number, often associated with increased pressure inside the eye, also known as glaucoma. The disease can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated promptly.  

And here’s the truth about the numbers: 

  • 78 million people have glaucoma. 
  • 111.8 million people are predicted to have glaucoma by 2040. 
  • 90% of glaucoma is undetected in developing countries. 
  • 1 billion people do not have access to eye care. 
  • 50% of people with glaucoma do not know they have it. 
  • Family members of people with glaucoma are ten times more likely to develop the disease.

So, do not be subjective when your eyes are still healthy. Better yet, follow your doctor’s advice to have an eye exam every six months to get an early diagnosis of eye abnormalities and get the best treatment. 

If your eyes have any eye problems, please visit our Prima Medical Center Saigon. Well-trained ophthalmologists at Prima Medical Center Saigon will help you find the optimal treatment solution.  

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