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Cataract, Prima Medical Center Saigon

Causes of blurred vision after Phaco surgery

17 August, 2023

After cataract surgery, patients often have blurred vision and unclear vision. So what is the cause of this?

Causes of blurred vision after Phaco surgery

When performing Phaco surgery, the doctor only aspirated the core of the vitreous but left an anterior part and the entire posterior capsule. This rest is like a bag to help fix the intraocular artificial lens placed in the eye, increasing absolute safety for surgery.

According to a study, in about 20% of patients after Phaco surgery, the posterior capsule is cloudy due to cell migration and hyperplasia in this area. Posterior capsular opacities cause vision loss because the transparent environment of the eye is affected; the degree of vision loss depends on the degree of posterior capsule opacity.

To treat cataracts, the doctor will use a laser to cut a small part of the opaque capsule right at the optical axis to return a transparent environment to the eye. Before the procedure, the doctor will apply local anesthetic (the numbing is done right in the clinic or imaging room). The treatment does not have to go to the operating room and does not create a wound; the patient can go home the same day and resume normal activities.

If, after cataract surgery, other parts of the eye are entirely normal and healthy, vision is only reduced due to posterior capsular clouding. After this procedure, the patient will see again as before.

When all posterior capsular opening procedures have been completed, the doctor will measure vision, dilate the pupils to assess the degree of vision loss and the degree of opacification (other lesions, if any), then will see consider deciding the appropriate time, predict the recovery of vision after the procedure.

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