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Frequently asked questions about cataract surgery

15 September, 2023

Many patients go to the doctor for blurred vision and are told that they have cataracts and need Phaco surgery so they wonder what Phaco surgery is. Is surgery dangerous? Is surgery painful?… Prima Saigon would like to answer some common questions of patients when learning about Phaco surgery.

What is Phaco surgery?

Phaco surgery stands for Phacoemulsification, which means using sound wave energy to crush and separate the cloudy lens into small pieces and then suck it out through a small incision, and replace it with an artificial lens. According to Dr. An Trinh, Head of Ophthalmology @ Prima Saigon, this is the safest, most effective, and optimal surgery currently compared to previous methods. The incision does not require stitches and will heal on its own.

Prima Saigon: Nên phẫu thuật đục thủy tinh thể khi thị lực suy giảm nghiêm trọng và ảnh hưởng sinh hoạt, cuộc sống
Prima Saigon: Cataract – Phaco surgery should be performed when vision is impaired

Who is eligible for Phaco Surgery?

  • The patient has cataracts and is scheduled for surgery
  • The patient has no acute systemic diseases
  • The patient has no acute eye infections

Advantages of Phaco surgery

Phaco surgery takes place very quickly and is safe for the patient. Specifically:

  1. Surgery time is only 5-10 minutes/case.
  2. The surgery is painless, and bleeding-free, and the patient can leave the hospital the same day.
  3. Small incision, no stitches required, reduces astigmatism.
  4. The patient’s vision recovers early and well after surgery for one or a few days (many patients just left the operating table and their eyes are clear, even though before that, their vision was very blurry as if there was mist in front of them).
  5. Safe, reduce complications of surgery.
  6. Some refractive errors can be corrected.

What do patients need to prepare before Phaco surgery?

Days before Phaco surgery:

  • The patient eats and lives normally.
  • The patient is given antibiotics before surgery according to the doctor’s request.
  • If the patient is taking medication to treat internal diseases, he or she should still take the medication normally.
  • If there are any unusual signs of medication, allergies, etc., the patient should immediately notify the doctor.

Day of Phaco surgery:

  • Patients need to fast from breakfast to do the test.
  • Follow the doctor’s and nurse’s instructions exactly to get the best surgical results.
  • Specifically: Patients should not be overly worried because it will cause the heart to beat faster and blood pressure to increase. When entering the operating room, you need to coordinate well with the doctor.
  • Before surgery, the patient will be anesthetized, so you can rest assured that the surgery will be painless.
  • It is important that patients follow their doctor’s instructions exactly.

Days after Phaco surgery:

  • Apply medication according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Do not rub your eyes, avoid dust, and do not let water come into direct contact with the operated eye.
  • Wear eye protection both day and night for the first 3 days after surgery.
  • Avoid strenuous activities or direct contact with the operated eye.
  • Limit contact with computers, and watching TV… during the first week after surgery.

After surgery, the patient eats normally, without any taboos (there is no such thing as eating certain foods that can cause keloid scars or sore eyes). However, patients should abstain from alcohol, beer, and stimulants in the first days because they are not beneficial.

Problems with post-operative monitoring

Patients should re-examine according to the doctor’s schedule so that the doctor can evaluate their eye condition and vision recovery, and then advise and prescribe appropriate treatment. Before the eye examination appointment is scheduled, if there are any problems in the eyes: such as sudden blurred vision, or discomfort in the eyes…, the patient needs to go back for an examination immediately.

Cataract pathologists at Prima Saigon Medical Center


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