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    10 Occupations need refractive correction

    20 August, 2023

    Treatment of refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) with modern surgical methods helps the eyes to be free, independent of glasses or contact lenses, as well as bringing many benefits to patients.

    Nghề nghiệp cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    In the article below, let’s learn about 10 careers where refractive surgery plays an important role, helping to increase work efficiency and open the door to the profession for young people!

    Medical experts

    Contrary to the popular myth that doctors often do not operate near myopia because of fear of getting weaker eyes, in fact, people working in the medical field can significantly increase their work efficiency after myopia surgery. . Nearsightedness surgery will help medical professionals not be entangled in glasses when using machines and perform microsurgery more accurately

    Nhân Viên Y Tế cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    Especially for surgeons and medical professionals, good eyesight will directly affect the examination and treatment process for patients. A healthy and bright eyes that do not have to depend on glasses or contact lenses will effectively support medical professionals in performing microsurgery, as well as not being entangled in glasses when using microscopes and machines. medical equipment.


    Pilot is a special profession, responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers. Therefore, this job requires high professional skills and extremely strict health requirements.

    Phi công cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    In particular, due to having to deal with complex machinery in the cockpit and observing everything around them flexibly, pilots are required to have absolute good eyesight 20/20. If you are contemplating becoming a professional pilot, seriously consider nearsightedness surgery.

    Flight attendant

    Tiep vien Hang Khong can phau thuat Lasik

    Flight attendants with job characteristics that need to travel for a long time on flights are also required to work rigorously:

    • The first requirement of a flight attendant is not to wear glasses.
    • A flight attendant’s eyesight must be at least 17/20. Acceptable myopia is less than 3 degrees, provided that contact lenses are worn.
    • Above this level, candidates must have surgery to correct refractive errors to meet the airline’s vision standards.
      With the characteristics of having to move continuously on long flights, wearing contact lenses continuously can cause the risk of dryness and inflammation in the eyes.
    • Flight attendant’s minimum visual acuity is 17/20


    The job of firefighters requires observing and reacting quickly to critical situations that are happening around them.

    Lính cứu hỏa cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    For people with nearsightedness, having glasses steaming, dropping glasses, smoky environments, and being covered in darkness can make it difficult for them to see everything around them clearly. Therefore, myopia surgery will support firefighters to promote their work to ensure the safety of everyone.

    Firefighters are a profession that is encouraged to operate near so that they can react quickly to bad situations


    Photographers often have to keep their eyes on the camera, work for many hours continuously, have to observe the small details well.

    Nhiếp ảnh gia cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    Therefore, wearing glasses can cause them to have headaches, eye fatigue, and trouble when operating and using the camera. Myopia surgery will give photographers a more convenient and efficient working experience.

    Myopia surgery will help the photographer not get caught in the eyeglass frame when the eye is close to the camera

    Office staff

    For office workers, a pair of nearsighted eyes can make it difficult for them to communicate with partners, present ideas, miss small details when working due to blurred vision.

    Nhân viên văn phòng cũng cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    At the same time, with the nature of work 8 hours a day, many office workers may also experience pain in the bridge of their nose and temples when they have to wear glasses continuously for many hours. Therefore, myopia surgery is an effective solution to help patients improve work efficiency as well as eliminate discomfort and inconvenience.

    Myopia surgery will help office workers eliminate the inconvenience of having to wear glasses continuously for many hours

    Art performer

    For art performers such as singers, dancers, … body movements and facial expressions need to be flexible and skillful.

    Nghệ sĩ cũng cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    Some cases may occur such as falling glasses, blurred glasses, eye infections caused by makeup when wearing contact lenses, … making patients unable to promote their full capacity. Therefore, myopia surgery will help them more convenient and confident during practice and performance.

    Myopia surgery will help patients break down barriers in the process of practicing and performing

    Construction workers

    People in the construction industry need to move and be active a lot, as well as wear safety glasses while working. Wearing glasses can cause headaches and make it difficult for patients to function.

    Công nhân xây dựng cũng cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    When wearing goggles, the goggles will overlap the glasses, making the patient’s vision unclear and feel entangled. Therefore, the surgery to construction workers is necessary, to help them complete the job well and be safe when working.

    Myopia surgery will make construction workers more convenient when they need to wear goggles


    Lifeguards require good eyesight to see people at a distance. At the same time, when rescuing a drowning person, they will have to observe well, locate the drowning person, swim quickly and have professional diving skills.

    Nhân viện cứu hộ cần phẫu thuật Lasik

    Those requirements cannot be met if the patient must wear glasses during work. Therefore, a lifeguard is a profession that is always encouraged to perform close-up surgery to complete the job well and ensure the safety of the people around.

    Nearsightedness helps rescuers better judge and react to situations


    For public security schools, vision without binoculars must be at least 19/20 to participate in the exam. For schools that train professional and technical officers, candidates must not have myopia of more than 3 diopters.

    Công an quân đội cần mổ Lasik

    In particular, schools that train commanding, political and logistics officers do not recruit candidates with refractive errors. Therefore, if the patient intends to pursue a career in the military or police, surgery is essential to get into university.

    People who want to pursue military and police careers need to have good eyesight to enter university.

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