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Lazy Eye: Causes and Correction

10 September, 2023

Lazy eye or amblyopia is a condition in which there is decreased vision in one eye. It typically affects one eye, but occasionally vision loss can occur in both eyes. There are times when amblyopia cannot be corrected with the use eyeglasses or eye surgery. Therefore ophthalmologists must identify the underlying conditions, so that they know how to treat lazy eye successfully.

Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye

Causes of Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is usually a result of developmental problems in the brain that occur during childhood, and prevent the eye from developing normal sight.

Amblyopia is common among patients with strabismus – eyes that are not properly aligned – also known as cross-eyes.

Patients with refractive amblyopia are able to see clearly in one eye, but the vision in the other eye is suppressed, and therefore appears blurry.


Amblyopia is characterized by poor vision in one eye, which is often the result of the image of one eye being suppressed in the brain. The condition may lead to loss of vision, as well as loss of depth perception.

Treatment for Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is typically treated by supporting the affected eye, so that it develops properly. This may consist of vision therapy, which involves training the eye muscles in an effort to improve muscle strength.

Treatment for lazy eye may also include correcting any underlying vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

In addition, eye patching the clear eye forces the lazy eye to work harder, and doing this for specific periods of time will improve vision.

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