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Inflammation of the lacrimal duct

26 August, 2023

Tracheal obstruction occurs when there is a cause that prevents the tear from draining down the nose stagnant tears. The tear drainage system can be blocked in any position at that time. Tears can no longer drain down the nose as usual and will cause symptoms tears live, irritate, or cause chronic eye infections.

1. Causes of occlusion of the lacrimal gland

  • Congenital tear duct obstruction: When in the mother’s womb, the baby’s lacrimal duct is covered by a thin film. After birth, if this veil does not open on its own, it will lead to to congenital lacrimal obstruction.
  • Rhinitis or chronic sinusitis can both cause tear duct obstruction. Sinusitis This will irritate the scar tissue that blocks the tear ducts.
  • Change due to age: the tear point of the elderly often narrows, leading to obstruction. The tear point makes the tears not flow down the tear duct.
  • Injury to the nose: as in the case of a broken nose, scar tissue will be a cause of systemic congestion religious law.

2. What are the symptoms of tear duct obstruction?

  • Frequent live tears.
  • Chronic pouchitis: Swelling, tension in the inner corner of the eye, when massaged or pressed may cause pus and mucus in the eye (from the discharge hole) and collapse, after a while again swell again.
  • Can cause an acute infection when bacteria that grow in tears are trapped in the eye tear ducts, with the following symptoms: swelling, heat, redness, pain
  • Drainage of pus from the plug hole, which can cause a leak, draining pus out of the skin.

3. Methods of treatment of blocked tear ducts

  1. Congenital tear duct obstruction in young children (< 6 months of age): rubbing, straightening the inner corner of the eye, where the bag is located tears, combined with antibiotic eye drops.
  2. Throat obstruction in other subjects and due to other causes: medical treatment is usually does not bring success. Most cases require surgical intervention.
  3. In general, when there are symptoms of tearing or irritation, prolonged inflammation. You need to see our ophthalmologists @ Prima Saigon for timely treatment.

Our Lacrimal Care Team:

If you need an lacrimal assessment, please have a visit to Prima Medical Center Saigon:

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