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23 September, 2023

Prima Medical Center SaigonAstigmatism is not an eye disease as many people think. In fact it is a refractive error similar to nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Prima Saigon - Viễn Thị - Astigmastism

Prima Saigon – Viễn Thị – Astigmastism

1. What is astigmatism?

It is an eye defect related to refraction. In the normal eye, the image rays after passing through the cornea are focused at a point on the retina. But in astigmatism eyes, the image rays are focused at many points on the retina, causing see blurry, unclear images.

Many people often feel more anxious when they know their eyes have a disorder. Because they think this is a more serious condition than nearsightedness or farsightedness. However, in fact it is also considered as one of the refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

2. Signs

It occurs only when the surface of the cornea (the transparent structure in front of the iris) has an uneven shape and curvature. Because of this feature, when light enters the eye. It will focus on the retina (the nerve layer that senses light) at different points in different directions. Therefore, people with astigmatism always see distorted or blurred lines at both near and far distances.

3. Causes

There are many causes of astigmatism that can be caused by congenital trauma or eye surgery… It depends on the degree of it of each person, vision is affected or not.

4. Treatment

It can occur alone or sometimes in combination with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Mild myopia of less than 0.75 diopters may not require correction. However, the astigmatism of 0.75 diopter or more may cause blurred vision, the image is glossy. So wearing glasses will help people with astigmatism feel more comfortable and clear.

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Children who have astigmatism at the stage of visual development in the first 8 years. If not corrected will lead to the risk of amblyopia (maximum vision threshold cannot be set 10/10 even with glasses correction). That will affect learning as well as recreational sports activities…

To eliminate astigmatism, it is necessary to monitor the refraction every 6 months. Particularly for cases where the turbulence or the turbulence is too high, it may be a manifestation of the apical corneal pathology. (pathology arising when the cornea protrudes anteriorly, the structure weakens). lt leads to the vascular system which is bad consequences for vision in the future.

The surgical method that can correct astigmatism is wearing glasses or laser surgery with methods such as: PRK, Lasik, FemtoLasik and SMILE.

In cases of astigmatism accompanied by other eye diseases such as cataracts, phaco intraocular surgery to correct it (Toric IOL) will lose the astigmatism after surgery.

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