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Prima Medical Center Saigon, Cataract

Monofocal lens

18 September, 2023

Prima Saigon : In our eyes, the lens is located just behind the pupil, it is like a lens that helps to focus images on the retina so that we can see clearly near or far objects.

However, after a period of time under the influence of many factors, the lens becomes cloudy and vision declines. Artificial lens replacement surgery is considered an effective measure to improve vision for patients. And one of the first artificial lenses used was the monofocal (monofocal) lens.

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The monofocal lens is the traditional type of lens in cataract surgery, when this type of lens is placed, the patient can see well at a distance and needs glasses when looking up close. Or vice versa, the patient will be corrected to mild myopia so that he can not need to wear glasses when seeing up close, but must wear glasses when seeing far.

Some types of monofocal lenses will often be coated with a Chromophore layer that filters blue light on the surface of the glass to filter out ultraviolet rays from the sun, reducing the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration. This type of glass will helps improve vision when seeing near or far, especially at night when it can reduce the feeling of glare from oncoming traffic lights.

However, monofocal lenses only allow clear vision at a certain distance, either near or far. Therefore, when you want your eyes to be able to see well the remaining distances, the patient still has to use another type of framed glasses to correct the vision to see more clearly.

Advantages of Monofocal lens

  • The cost of surgery is moderate
  • Look good at a distance

Disadvantages of Monofocal lens

Monofocal glasses only allow clear vision at a certain distance, so patients still have to depend on eyeglasses when they want to see up close or read books.

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