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    Ortho-K should be used to treat myopia in people under 18 years old?

    31 October, 2023

    At school age, the progression of myopia is inevitable. Therefore, taking timely measures to control myopia progression like using Ortho-K plays a very important role. To limit the risk of rapid increase in nearsightedness and prevent diseases that cause serious vision loss. And increase your chances of performing refractive surgery (nearsightedness-farsightedness-astigmatism) in the future.

    Using Ortho-K night hard contact lenses helps control the progression of myopia

    One of the methods that brings optimal results and is recommended by world medical experts is to use Ortho-K night hard contact lenses. According to statistics from the Center for Biotechnology Information in the US, people who use Ortho-K glasses are 40% – 60% more effective in controlling myopia progression than people who only use regular glasses.

    Why should people under 18 years old control the progression of myopia?

    Myopia is a condition in which the eyeball is longer than normal. This causes the point of convergence of light rays to lie in front of the retina. Enables the patient to see images clearly at close range. Cannot see clearly at a distance. Before reaching adulthood, nearsightedness can increase rapidly because the eyeball axis lengthens as the body develops. Impact on the progression of myopia in the eyes. Therefore, controlling the progression of myopia plays a very important role in eye care and protection.

    Controlling the progression of myopia plays an important role in eye care and protection

    Some benefits that patients can receive when controlling myopia progression:

    Prevent serious eye diseases. Such as strabismus, amblyopia, cataracts, retinal degeneration/tear/detachment, macular degeneration,… Some studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) have shown that depending on the level of With nearsightedness, patients can increase the risk of retinal detachment from 2.4 to 24.0 times. And primary open-angle glaucoma from 2.0 to 2.5 times.

    No need to wear thick glasses and save money on replacement glasses. The more severe myopia, the thicker and heavier the patient must wear glasses. This can cause loss of aesthetics and affect daily life. Especially the physical activities of the patient. In addition, regularly changing glasses every time myopia increases will cause patients to spend a lot of money in the process of eye care and protection.

    Increase your chances of choosing refractive surgery methods in the future. The higher the myopia level, the narrower the patient’s access to refractive surgery methods due to treatment threshold barriers.

    The effectiveness in controlling myopia progression

    Ortho-K is a hard contact lens that is used at night while the patient goes to sleep. From there, it helps control the progression of myopia thanks to the mechanism of reshaping the cornea. This shaping allows light rays to focus precisely on the retina. Reduces the loss of focus of peripheral light in the eye. From there, the development of the eyeball axis can be stabilized. Slows the progression of myopia.

    Ortho-K is considered a safe solution to control myopia progression

    Simulate the corneal shaping mechanism of Ortho-K glasses

    Some experts point out that the average effectiveness of Ortho-K glasses in controlling myopia is about 45%. The maximum efficiency can be up to 63%. This is also the most effective method for controlling myopia progression, recognized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

    In addition, according to results compiled from more than 170 scientific studies, Ortho-K is considered a safe solution to control myopia progression. However, its effectiveness will depend on how the patient uses and maintains the glasses. Compliance with regular follow-up examinations and timely eye treatment if complications occur.

    Some notes when using Ortho-K glasses to maximize effectiveness

    • Check whether your eyes are eligible to use Ortho-K glasses or not. Patients need to visit reputable ophthalmology facilities for examination and consultation.
    • Follow hygiene rules before using Ortho-K glasses: wash your hands with antibacterial water. Do not let the glasses come into contact with tap water, check and make sure there are no scratches on the glasses.
    • Wear and remove glasses according to your eye doctor’s instructions.
    • Clean the glass with 3% peroxide cleaner. Or cleaning solution combined with hand wiping or cleaning solution combined with salt water. Replace your glasses case every time you start using a new bottle of cleaning solution. Do not touch the top of the solution bottle.
    • Follow the regular follow-up schedule (1 week – 1 month – 3 months) to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of Ortho-K glasses.

    Answers to some common questions about Ortho-K glasses

    1. Are Ortho-K glasses comfortable to wear?

    During the first few weeks of using Ortho-K glasses, the patient will feel a bit uncomfortable. This is a normal phenomenon. And will gradually disappear when the patient gets used to using Ortho-K glasses. To prevent this condition, patients should limit eye movement and go to bed immediately after wearing glasses.

    2. Is it safe to wear Ortho-K glasses?

    Ortho-K glasses are made from highly air-permeable material and have been tested for safety before being put into circulation. Therefore, patients can feel secure about the quality during use. To ensure maximum safety, patients need to properly follow the procedures for removing and installing glasses, storing glasses, and cleaning hands as prescribed by the doctor. Thereby limiting the risk of eye infections.

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