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Prima Medical Center Saigon, Eye Diseases

PRIMA SAIGON – Ophthalmology training series for Prima PXL, Hoan My Saigon Clinic, and Hoan My Huu Nghi Clinic

3 November, 2023

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year  2.2 billion people worldwide have vision impairment. The uncorrected myopia costs the world a whopping $246 billion in lost productivity every year (*). This number is equivalent to 60% of Vietnam’s GDP. Statistics on other eye problems are even more shocking because eye diseases are increasing.

Purpose of the professional training session at Prima Saigon

On Oct 31st, Prima Medical Center Saigon – a member of the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH) conducted a training for the Management team and Sales team of other Hoan My sister providers, which were Prima PXL Medical Center, Hoan My Huu Nghi General Clinic and Hoan My Saigon General Clinic about common eye problems and solutions. This training course aims to tie up relationships between Hoan My members as well as build up an Eyecare Referal Hub-spoke model.

Prima Saigon held the training session with Prima PXL, Hoan My Saigon Clinic and Hoan My Huu Nghi Clinic

About the training session at Prima Saigon

At the training session, Specialist Level II Doctor – Dr. Vo Thi Thu ThaoChief Medical Officer, shared in-depth knowledge about Pediatric Ophthalmology, Refractive Errors, Cataracts, Eye diseases as well as recognizing signs and appropriate treatment methods. At the end of the training session, Dr. Thao Vo also spent time discussing and answering questions from all attendees.

Specialist Doctor Level II – Dr. Vo Thi Thu Thao, Chief Medical Officer shared Ophthalmological expertise

The training session took place in a comfortable atmosphere and received a great deal of attention and interaction from everyone. Through this session, Prima Saigon has helped the Management team and medical staff in Hoan My Corporation members have the opportunity to receive in-depth information about Ophthalmology, from which to provide more specific care and advice on ophthalmological examination services for our patients.

The training session received a great deal of attention by the participants

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Prima Saigon Medical Center is one of the prestigious eye hospitals in Vietnam, recognized by the US embassy in Vietnam.

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